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My seminars present timely and actionable information that will both challenge and inspire you.  The focus is delivering information that you can put to work for you immediately to create results.  These skill-building experiences are perfect for small groups to much larger corporate team building experiences.



Orchids 101:  Growing Made Easy

Enjoy flourishing orchids with minimal time and effort.  Learn proven strategies to improve your success growing orchids in your home, office or garden.  With more than 25 years experience in non-commercial horticulture I'll help you learn game-changing solutions that demystifies the process in a fun hands-on experience.     

Financial Fitness 101:  Introducing the New "Business Plan"

Are you making all the money you ever wanted to make?  Can you guarantee that you won't run out of money before you run out of your life?  People's lives change dramatically as their relationship with money changes.  Sadly most Americans are financially failing.  Even worse they have no plan to fix their situation. This seminar delivers critical information that is both timely and actionable.    Learn how the ineffective "job plan" can be augmented or replaced by the new "business plan" approach to create opportunity for financial independence.      

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